A Diamond in the Bronx – Review of Beccofino


5704 Mosholu Ave

Fettucine alla Bolognese at Beccofino - Photo by Lisa M. Nguyen

Fettucine alla Bolognese at Beccofino - Photo by Lisa M. Nguyen

Beccofino displays as a rustic place with brick walls and checkered tablecloths, and even Christmas lights that hang from corner to corner.  Seating is about no more than 40 and is intimate enough that everyone seems to see which one of their neighbors are going to step in.  With friendly waitstaff where they feel horrible for telling you to come back, they manage to make room for my party of 4 on a busy night.

With a small space and a small menu, this Zagat rated restaurant puts out some large taste.  Their goat cheese, arugula, and pear salad is a unique and fresh way to start an appetizer. They use warm, caramelized walnuts and dried cranberries, where this salad hits all of your taste buds. Beccofino also offers a wide selection of wines for a small restaurant.  Even some bottled beers from local breweries in New York are added to their menu.  Their drinks are affordable with beers ranging from $6 and up.  You can order the wines by the glass or you can buy you and your date a bottle as well.

Forget about store bought dry pasta, and prepare to enjoy some fresh hand cut fettucine.  The fettucine bolognese is a hearty sauce with some fresh pasta, taking only a few minutes to boil, coming out hot and something most people haven’t tasted yet. Beccofino brings out not your typical chicken parmigiana, but some amazing meals like mussels and tender calamari.  And if you’re not into seafood, they have a variety of meats including veal and hanger steak, and of course chicken. And dare to try their desserts.  Beccofino creates a hazelnut biscotto ice cream, large enough to share, but so delicious that everyone will want their own.  They also serve up a very classic tiramisu, no gimmicks about it, made perfectly with fresh mascarpone cheese, espresso, and lady fingers.

The prices are affordable, the pastas are no more than $20, their sandwiches are about $12, and share a dessert because it’s plenty for less than $8.

There’s always a parking spot right outside on Mosholu Ave.  And if you end up taking the subway, you can catch the 1 train right to the end, and it’s also within walking distance.


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Best Burgers in the Bronx! Share the mystery! – A Review of Pipers Kilt Restaurant

BEST BURGERS IN THE BRONX! Share the mystery! – A Review of Pipers Kilt Restaurant


Pipers Kilt Restaurant
170 W 231st St
Kingsbridge, Bronx
(718) 548-9539

BEST BURGERS IN TOWN/THE BRONX!  Truth in advertising.  A sign outside the Piper’s Kilt makes this bold claim and it is born out by the menu and the customers.  And after your eyes get used to the dim near-religious light, you will see a number of happy veteran (local, Irish descent) customers who can attest to the quality of the food and the beer.   It is truly a neighborhood bar—as soon as customers (most of them) come through the door the barman calls out their drinks and one of his progeny scurries to bring it over as they eddy through the crowd.  It’s also very friendly and sociable.  An elderly customer in a bobble hat at the bar was kissed by no fewer than three effusive ladies.

Photo from cheapassfood.com

Photo from cheapassfood.com

The burgers –- with mushrooms, onions, BBQ sauce, bacon, Swiss cheese, chili-topped— are taken for granted—you can order other things (steak, chicken, wraps, even salad) but really, why would you want to?  Especially when the burger menu alone features a full twelve items including the heretical veggie and salmon burgers, and they’re all REALLY good. [Read more...]