A Fall Pie Party Potluck in NYC!


Pecan Pie

On the first Fall weekend in October, a bunch of food bloggers showed off their pie baking and eating skills at an event that was fun, informative and filling. Pie Party Potluck was in its third year, hosted by Jackie Gordon and Ken Leung. I’m happy to say I schlepped a chocolate pecan pie on the subway, and it arrived in one piece.

Fall Spread

Pie Party Potluck was held at the ICE Culinary Institute‘s modern campus in downtown Manhattan. Appetizers made by culinary students kicked things off, along with beef and chorizo empanadas from Girl in the Little Red Kitchen to whet our pie whistles. Luckily, there were things to distract us from just eating pie for three hours straight. An ICE instructor did a demo on perfecting pie crust, and we also toured the new campus. It was a great excuse to see the new facilities. Did you know there’s a room just for roasting cocoa beans and making chocolate? Now you do.

With an overwhelming number of pies, each of us took home leftovers. Though much of the pie eating became a tasty hodgepodge of flavors, I truly loved the Restaurant Fairy‘s Curried Aloo Gobhi Pie. It was spiced just right, and the perfect hearty Fall pie. Nice work, Malini!

Fall Cocktail

Thanks to a lively and knowledgeable bartender, I learned about Mizu Shochu, a delicious and pure spirit from Japan. It doesn’t burn like most alcohol does, and it was great in a Fall cocktail of fresh apple juice, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup. It was great on its own, too, served with a cucumber slice.


Thanks to some other generous sponsors, there were cookware giveaways as well. For bloggers attending the event, Cabot Creamery provided dairy coupons, and King Arthur Flour gave us flour coupons for making our pies. Thanks to all the sponsors, and Jackie and Ken, of course, the potluck was a real hoot for everyone involved.

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