Not your average sports bar – Review of BottomzUp


344 Third Avenue
Murray Hill
(646) 918-7220 /


The 3400 square foot space at 344 3rd Ave. opened Thursday and features a menu of eats from around the nation. You can root for your team while pretending you’re at your favorite tailgate spot from New England to Texas. If you prefer, you can tune out the sports theme and order sushi and oysters, something you don’t see in most sports bars. 

Grilled corn lollipop, shrimp, chicken empanada

Grilled corn lollipop, shrimp, chicken empanada

Tabletop speaker at BottomzUp

Tabletop speaker at BottomzUp

Tempura sushi

Tempura sushi

The bar features a sleek design with 45 flat-screen 60” HDTVs, and guests can listen to their game of choice (or music) on tabletop wireless speakers. This is ideal for serious sports fans like my dad, who listens to football while watching hockey. It’s also nice for people who want a little diddy with their oysters. The apathetic folks deserve a Sunday funday, too.

As time goes on, more regionally inspired features will make their way onto the menu. I may have to check in once their Primantis-style sandwich makes an appearance.

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  1. Matthew Hardoon says:

    Hi Beth,

    In case you don’t remember, we met during the opening week at Bottomzup Sports Bar & Grill at 344 Third Avenue in November. As the bar’s marketing manager, I wanted to be the first to inform you that we are proud to announce our official name change to Promenade Bar & Grill! You had written this wonderful article about our opening, so we wanted to let you know about the change, and that all aspects of the restaurant are remaining unchanged; same ownership, same staff, same food, new image!

    After careful consideration, we have decided to change the name of Bottomzup to reflect a more professional and upscale persona inline with the great bar we’ve created in this wonderful neighborhood. In May of 2014, we launched a community outreach initiative asking our loyal fans for their feedback on an official name change. As a thank you for the support from all the patrons who voted, we pledged that the top choice after the month-long campaign would become our new name. “Promenade Bar & Grill” emerged as the voters’ choice. “Promenade” takes you back to a public gathering spot that’s a place to see and be seen. It’s an open, dynamic space for everyone. Changing the name reflects that; it also reflects the evolution that the bar has undergone with some non-sports-centric additions like fun themed trivia nights, corporate happy hours, and an adventurous brunch. We are changing the name based on the great atmosphere and neighborhood feel. Promenade represents what the bar set out to be, and more importantly, what it has grown into today.

    Please let us know if you would like to stop in one day for a meal or to catch a game! We would love to have you back to chat!

    Matthew Hardoon

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