What’s On… MacDougal? (btwn Prince and W Houston)


What’s On… MacDougal? (btwn Prince and W Houston)

Think of MacDougal Street and think of the heart of the Village.  That is, until you step south of Houston Street where MacDougal becomes a sleepy, more refined version of itself.  Named for Senator and the first president of the Bank of New York, Alexander MacDougall, MacDougal Street has been a fixture in the fame and overall boheme essence of Greenwich Village.  The 1950s brought with it, such literary greats as E.E. Cummings, William S. Burroughs, and Dylan Thomas who used Greenwich Village as their muse; and  the 1960s saw Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix strum some of their first public chords on this street, leading the way for a whole new take on rock music.

Fried chicken at Hundred Acres

38 MacDougal Street – Hundred Acres
You’ll feel like you’re at home (if your home looked like a French Country style restaurant) at Hundred Acres, whose menu sports the farm to table mantra dishing out comfort food done right.  The neighborhood feel and solid menu (with something for everyone) keeps the regulars coming back for more.  *Try the pork chop or fried chicken for dinner.

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Exterior @ Rouge et Blanc

48 MacDougal Street – Rouge et Blanc

While the sleek wood exterior may deter some, a few steps inside Rouge et Blanc and you’ll feel  completely different.  The French-Vietnamese food, and atmosphere are both welcoming and serene.  The tapas style menu can add up (as they always seem to) – try the fried brussel sprouts or the grilled quail and don’t miss out on the Gateau au Chocolat for dessert!

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 51 MacDougal Street – Something Special

Grab a cup of coffee while you’re waiting for your ‘something special’ to be notarized.  This Village notary has bee a fixture here, for as long as anyone can remember.  There are mailboxes for rent, convenient,  if you’re trying to live under the radar like Something Special’s celebrity clientele.

56 MacDougal Street – 12 Chairs
The Israeli-Russian menu inspired menu at 12 Chairs is best suited for a lunch date with large salads and plenty of hummus to go around.  During the nice weather, this place always has a crowd due to the front doors they open creating a breezy hangout with nice street view.  It’s easy to linger with a cup of nana tea and some good company.

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58 MacDougal Street – Comodo

At the (very) recently opened Comodo, it’s all about family – and they’ll make you feel like you’re part of theirs.  The family run restaurant serves inspired Latin cuisine in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.  Stop by to check out this new spot for yourself, just don’t forget to try to lamb sliders while you’re there!

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