What’s On… Tenth Avenue? (between 24th and 25th Streets)

What’s On… 10th Avenue? (between 24th and 25th Streets)


With such a close proximity to the London Terrace apartments – a full block of almost 1,000 apartments opened in 1930 featuring a private 1 acre garden and an indoor pool- 10th Avenue between 24th and 25th Streets has long been a bustling neighborhood of its own.  The Chelsea gallery scene as well as the opening of the Highline in 2009, has begun to transform this neighborhood even further from a once, mostly industrial area to a warm, thriving community.  Restaurant stops, especially on this block have a pleasant familiar feel due to the high sense of pride residents exude in their neighborhood, making everyone feel welcome.

242 10th Avenue – Trestle on Tenth
Stop by Trestle on Tenth for a relaxing brunch before hitting the highline or visiting the many art galleries in the area.  Chef Ralf Kuettel  imparts his personality into the menu, offering a refreshing alternative to the standard eggs Benedict brunch. Get a seat in the charming back garden – just don’t make Trestle on Tenth your choice if you’re in a hurry as service tends to lean toward the relaxed European side of the menu!

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 246 10th Avenue – Bottino Takeout
A takeout annex of our next stop on 10th Avenue, Bottino.  It’s a staple for those who work in the galleries for a lunchtime salad or sandwich.  Grab one of their freshly made sandwiches if you’re in the area and head for the Highline to dine in style!

248 10th Avenue – Bottino
The airy Bottino dining room is the perfect post-gallery hopping spot to enjoy classic Italian fare.  Although basic, the menu sports something for everyone and most agree Bottino is a solid find where art galleries reign supreme.
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250 10th Avenue - Subway
If you’re not in the mood for a fresh sandwich from Bottino, or just short on cash, stop by this Subway locale for the sandwich that made Jared famous!

252 10th Avenue – Smoke Shop
Not much more than your average bodega, Smoke Shop offers all the necessities plus a nice selection of magazines!


Fusilli @ Pepe Giallo

253 10th Avenue – Pepe Giallo
Families with young children feel comfortable at this neighborhood spot that’s always crowded due to its reasonable pricing and something-for-everyone menu.  The portions are large and the outdoor garden can’t be missed, but if it’s being waited on you want – try your luck elsewhere.

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254 10th Avenue – Chop-Shop
This brand new Chop-Shop (so new it’s barely on the map!)  features gourmet Thai fare.  While a liquor license is still currently in the works, the minimalist atmosphere is certainly a pleasant place for an under-the-radar type of date – just make sure you head there before everyone else finds out about it!


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256 10th Avenue – 10th Avenue Pizza
A neighborhood standby, 10th Avenue Pizza has been delivering hot slices (gyros, sandwiches, and breakfast) for as long as most anyone in the neighborhood can remember.  Regulars tout the service is great and the prices superb, however food can be hit or miss.
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