What’s On…Chrystie Street? (Part 2)


The northern half of Chrystie gives way to a Whole Foods and a swank new apartment complex near where it intersects Houston Street. It is also the site of the Chrystie Street connection, a major subway connection and the first and only section of the Second Avenue subway line to be completed to date; evidence that there is no stopping the gentrification as it makes its way down Chrystie. Visit Chrystie while there are still reminders of why we love the Lower East Side and Chinatown!

Tenderloin steak at Sammy’s

157 Chrystie Street – Sammy’s Roumanian
It’s hard not to have fun at Sammy’s, an old school Jewish joint that never gets old whether you’ve just discovered it or have been going since the 80s. You’ll feel like you’re at your best friend’s Bar Mitzvah each and every time, so get ready to get up, get dancing, and pour on the schmaltz!

Tenderloin steak at Sammy’s

161 Chrystie Street – Dixon Place
Part Lounge, part performance space – Dixon Place has been catering to the performance art scene since the 80s, though this particular location has only been opened since 2008. Come with an open mind to support the budding talent and get comfortable, because you’ll never know quite what to expect here.

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167 Chrystie Street – New Beer Distributors
New Beer Distributors has one of the largest selections of beer for retail sale in the city, along with a few taps so you can take a growler away. Pick up a frequent growler customer card and get rewarded for your beer purchases!

189 Chrystie Street – The Box
One of the most raucous shows in the city, The Box puts on vaudeville-esque shows for the 21st century New Yorker whose unsurpassed shock tolerance may just be surpassed here. Reserving a table can get pricey and the door is tough without one, but most agree The Box is a must at least once in this lifetime for a late night romp.

191 Chrystie Street, 2F – Freemans
While the address says Chrystie, look instead for Freemans at the end of Freeman Alley off of Rivington. This trendy traditional American restaurant focuses on local produce and meat paired with excellent small batch spirits. Stop by for their quieter weekend brunch for a feel of ‘Old New York’ while noshing on some classics like their hot artichoke dip or smoked trout.
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203 Chrystie Street – Neuman’s
One of New York’s premier catering services, Neuman’s, calls Chrystie home. Top quality service, food, and presentation at reasonable rates has made Neuman’s a standout among the many caterers in New York for over 30 years.

229 Chrystie Street – Subway
The Subway chain of restaurants was established in 1965 in Bridgeport, CT by a 17 year old boy as a way to make money to pay for his college education. Nearly 50 years later the company boasts more than 34,000 locations around the world, making it the #3 largest chain restaurant.


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