What’s on Stone St.?


What’s On… Stone Street? (Between Williams and Pearl)

Financial District


Photo by Carolyn Onofrey

Approaching the alleyway we now know as Stone Street around quitting time on any day when the weather is nice enough to enjoy from outside, you will find suited men and women in droves scattered about the car-less cobble-stoned street. Picnic tables crowd the first “paved” street in Manhattan and for the first time in about a hundred years Stone Street is once again a bustling haven.  In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Stone Street flourished from the maritime business that the nearby port created, but over the next 150 years the street became abandoned and dilapidated and in 1980 was even completely taken off the map and relocated to what we now know as South William Street.  It wasn’t until 1996 when the street was reopened and declared a historic district.  Now, you can find a global selection of restaurants and pubs making Stone Street a can’t miss destination for both tourists and locals alike.
Burger Burger Pick-Up Window (77 Pearl Street). One, in a series of new burger joints popping up in the Financial District, Burger Burger is best suited if you’re craving a lunchtime burger. The lack of seating and otherwise take out style décor doesn’t bother the lunchtime crowd because there are a slew of parks in the area to enjoy your burger in.  Although some quip that it isn’t the best burger in the neighborhood, the sweet potato fries are worth a try.

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45 Stone Street – The Dubliner
As your average Irish pub- The Dubliner does its job by getting its patrons nice and loose in a raucous atmosphere.  Stop by for a perfectly poured pint of Guinness and enjoy inside the sprawling 2 story space or outside on Stone Street.

79 Pearl Street – Waterstone GrillWith a back entrance on Stone Street Waterstone Grill may get more traffic than it should with and uninspiring menu aimed to please however reasonable the prices may be.  The look is slightly more upscale than most on Stone Street, but for most it doesn’t impress.

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A quaint Stone Street - Photo by Carolyn Onofrey

81 Pearl Street – Becketts

If you’re in the Financial District and a jam-packed sports bar is the name of your game, then Beckett’s is the place for you.  Drinks and food can add up quickly, but the feeling that Beckett’s doesn’t try to be something it’s not leaves regulars and first timers alike at ease and coming back for more.

52 Stone Street – Stone Street Tavern

Brunch or drinks are your best bet at Stone Street Tavern with a beer list to keep most satiated.  The cozy interior is inviting and tops the list of many who work in the area as the perfect place for an after work pint or quick bite to eat.  Try the brunch for a selection of just about anything your mood desires.


Brunch at Smorgas Chef

53 Stone Street – Smorgas Chef
Serving Scandinavian fare by a Scandinavian staff, this Manhattan 3some (with locations in the West Village and on Park Avenue) fills the bill if salmon and caviar are what’s on your mind.  Try the weekend brunch, when a quiet Stone Street makes this a diamond in the not-so rough.

17 South William Street – Crepes Du Nord
The official address may be on South William, but with an entrance through the afore mentioned Smorgas Chef, Crepes Du Nord gets a spot on the Stone Street ‘What’s On…?’.  Sweet and savory crepes litter the menu with a Scandinavian flair.  Try the Crepe Complete for a savory brunch fix.

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Serious eats at Adrienne’s – Photo courtesy of Lunch Studio

54 Stone Street – Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar is truly a pizza parlor in a wine bar.  This classy spot is a great place to take a date that’s sure to impress.  Regulars say the old fashioned pan pizza is the only way to go, with its thin, yet bready crust and top notch toppings.  You’ll spend a little more (read: about $30) for a pizza here but you certainly won’t mind once you bite into Adrienne’s unique pie.

Gourmet pizza meets wine bar, why didn’t anyone else think of this?


Serious eats at Adrienne’s – Photo courtesy of Lunch Studio

83 Pearl Street – Mad Dog & Beans

If you’re on Stone Street and not craving pub fare or pizza, Mad Dog is the place to go.  This Mexican spot is pricey (though many say worth it), but most just go for the margaritas.

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57 Stone Street – Vintry Wine & Whiskey

Vintry Wine & Whiskey does just that – wine and whiskey.  With a tremendous whiskey and well rounded wine selection, Vintry is a great spot to take the wine or whiskey connoisseur. One or two ounce pours for the hard stuff and two or five ounce pours for wine make this a true tasting experience.  Order a few of the small plate options and you have a great night ahead of yourself!

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95 Pearl Street – Ulysses’
Although the official address is on Pearl Street, most know Ulysses’ for its rear entrance on the cobble-stoned street where outdoor tables fill the roadway.  Ulysses’ has a good selection of beer from around the world and an impressive list of whiskey to choose from.  Ulysses’ also sports a full menu with raw bar and a weekend brunch with can’t-miss $5 cocktails.  Try the Bloody Maureen for a meal in itself – Bloody Mary mix and Guinness garnished with bacon and a hunk of Guinness marbled bleu cheese!

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Photo by Carolyn Onofrey

62 Stone Street – Financier

This Financial District mini-chain since 2002 has been serving fine coffee and pastries to everyone and anyone who craves these affluent nibbles.  Financier carries a full line of French dessert options as well as a substantial breakfast and lunch menu.  Loyal followers say their coffee (served with a little treat on the side) can’t be beat!


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