Ice Cream Truck Provides Treats with Personality – Review of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck


The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck – various locations in Manhattan

It took a month longer than usual, but one summer trend has finally caught up with me. Every time I see an ice cream truck in Manhattan, I have to stop. But this year, it’s for a different reason. When I see a friendly white truck, there’s one thing I’m looking for: a rainbow cone painted on the side. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is a New York City gem. It began in 2009, serving up cones with unique toppings like pumpkin butter, elderflower syrup, and toasted coconut with curry powder.

Yesterday my vanilla cone covered in wasabi pea dust caught the eye of jealous on-lookers in Union Square. People “ooh’d,” “ahh’d,” and asked questions as I indulged. The green-dusted ice cream cone looks like a Christmas tree and offers a serious crunch. (It really is crunchy. Be careful if you have weak teeth!) Its flavor is sweet and creamy with some spice. As soon as it gets too hot, you have the ice cream to balance it out. I decided to take it up one notch by having my cone lined with spicy peanut butter, one of the truck’s daily specials. All that jazz for just $4? This truck is worth seeking out for its awesome choices and the friendly banter of the owner, Doug. It’s just like being a kid again, adult-style. The entire experience will make your day.

You can find a schedule on the truck’s web site, or follow it on Twitter.


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  1. Dani says:

    Makes me wish I lived in NY!

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