Italy’s home away from home – Review of Eataly


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Fresh vegetables from Eataly

Pasta is not the only dish offer in this Italian market and eatery. Eataly encapsulates a range of meat, fish, cheese, pizza, pasta, gelato, pastries, coffee, and wine and beer.  The place from the outside looks a bit like a corner shop café, but once you step foot inside this palace, the options are endless.  For those of you who enjoy fresh, made-to-order, authentic Italian flavors, this is your haven.

You have an option of Manzo – a more formal dining experience, or La Piazza – the standing table in the center of Eataly.  If you dare to fight for your spot, La Piazza is the spot you want – it’s well worth the wait, and you’re right in the action of the food, fun, and flavors.  The process of La Piazza is a bit confusing; the hustle and bustle of this area forces you to quickly decide what to order, and focus on your fast-paced surroundings.  Have no fear, you can’t go wrong with the Salumi and Formaggi – an assortment of the best cheese and salumi of Eataly.  Normally, I don’t eat much meat or cheese, but this is too good to pass up.  When I spy with my own little eye, the thinly cut slices of meat at the deli, and the blocks of fresh cheese, it’s impossible to not indulge.  A combination of a slim slice of prosciutto cotto mixed with a melt in your mouth mozzarella is to die for.  Share this plate with someone else so that you can try other delectable dishes as well.

Next came the Ostriche (daily selection of oysters).  Some prefer the small, skinny kind, but these were the medium-sized, meaty oysters that slurp right into your mouth.  Add a little vinegar, hot sauce, lemon juice, and freshly grounded horseradish and they’re slurp ready.

If you’re in a hurry, go ahead and pick up these items to go.  Better yet, peruse through the aisles of the market, you can cook up your own authentic Ea-talian entrees.


From produce to meats, to fish, to jams, to pasta, Eataly houses a magnificent selection of items for Italian cooking.

Everything is organized beautifully, and most importantly, they are extremely clean.  For you neat-freaks out there, Eataly is the place for you to stock up your pantry.

Truffles of Eataly


Photo by Stephanie Harrison

You can even try a $36 miniature sized bottle of balsamic.

Photo by Stephanie Harrison

Or get your hands on these jams, jellies, and sauces.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, drop by Eataly for some gelato or pastries.  Beware of the line that leads out the door!


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