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Corner Shop Café 643 Broadway (corner of Bleecker St.)
SohoGreenwich Village
212-253-7467 /


This pocket sized, newly opened café feels as if you were making yourself a nice lunch at home. The menu offers comfort food with an upgraded twist. The décor was warm and the windows allowed just the perfect amount of light to enter to brighten up the wooden tables and chairs. The waiter assigned to my table, Matthew, accompanied me as I waited for my guest to arrive – such great manners, and friendly demeanor. Most of the seating in the café is for two, but rest assured, you can bring a few more to stop in and enjoy the cozy atmosphere among the busy street of Broadway.

When you’re lazy and want to make something to eat, most people’s go-to is mac and cheese. When you’re out and you want something familiar, yet is still restaurant-approved standards, mac and cheese is the surefire choice. Of all the appetizers to choose from, Truffled Mac N Cheese – three cheeses, shiitake mushrooms, and fresh peas – stood out the most. The small is enough to share for two, even if your stomach is growling.

Truffled MacNCheese at

Truffled Mac N Cheese at Corner Shop Cafe

You get the same feeling of comfort as the kind you can make on your own stove, but with the truffles added, and the three cheese compared to one, nicely compacted in a glass bowl, it just tastes so much more delicious. Just as smooth, warm, and with a small crunch of fresh peas.

Main course consisted of PB & Banana Grilled Sandwich and Yellowfin Tuna Burger. I know what most people are thinking, you can’t go from the most comforting of foods like mac n cheese and peanut butter and banana to yellowfin tuna, but yes, you can. The PB & Banana Grilled Sandwich was ordinary and could be chosen as a more filling dessert because of its sugary sweetness. Made with honey, walnut cranberry raisin bread dipped in French toast batter served with minted berries, this $9 meal is well worth it. If you dare to up the ante, request for a maple syrup on the side.

PB & Banana Grilled Sandwich at Corner Shop Cafe'

PB & Banana Grilled Sandwich at Corner Shop Cafe'

Sharing half a sandwich means you have to share half your burger. The Yellowfin Tuna Burger – cilantro, onions, peppers, sesame oil, served with fries (spicy, provencal, or plain) – was not like what I expected. The soft texture, crumbled pieces of yellowfin tuna and peppers and onions made this seem more like finger food than a full burger. The fries were accompanied with mayonnaise, which can also be used to add a little kick to the tuna burger. I definitely recommend this compilation of entrees – a mix of sweet, spicy, cheesy, and complete satisfaction.

The next time you’re shopping on Broadway and you’re looking for a place to take a break and put down your bags, consider Corner Shop Café for a homey, yet modern meal in a trendy, comfortable setting. Ask for Matthew if you want a change of pace from the frantic shopping and you want a nice and friendly server to wait on your every need.


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