Where the salty sea air is only a bite away – Review of Walter Foods


Walter Foods
253 Grand St.
(718) 387-8783 / walterfoods.com

There once was a  man selling lobster rolls through his door slot in Greenpoint. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it over to Dr. Claw’s place before the city shut down his operation in August.

Walter Foods

Lobster roll at Walter Foods

I finally got my paws on my very first lobster roll in a completely different way — a $24 lunch at Walter Foods in Williamsburg. In a nautical-themed setting, I enjoyed an indulgent seafood sandwich on a wintry Wednesday afternoon.

Servers clad in white shirts and bow ties serve up oysters, steak and other American fare at a place that feels very un-Williamsburg. Walter Foods is decorated like an old-school parlor, but it’s still laid-back enough to stand its ground in Williamsburg. The place also features classic cocktails crafted carefully behind a beautiful bar.

Since they specialize in seafood, I figured it was the perfect time to seize the day and indulge in a lobster roll — an obvious stepping stone in any seafood lover’s life.

The presentation was mouth-watering; I already felt closer to the sea just at the sight of it. But it took a few bites to adjust to this new experience. The Old Bay seasoning was a bit much for me; I’d rather taste the lobster more than the seasoning — especially if I’m shelling out $24 for it. The deliciously crunchy pickle served on the side definitely complemented the sandwich well. The just-salty-enough fries were like a classed-up version of McDonald’s. Though I liked them, there were way more than enough.

It was a nice breath of fresh air (or, salty sea air) having a savory summery sandwich on a cold February day. But I think I’ll be more impressed enjoying one by a beach somewhere this summer. A road trip to New England may need to happen, but in the meantime I’d like to sink my teeth into some chops next time I’m at Walter Foods. The place certainly seems promising.


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