Comfort food gone wild – Review of No. 7


No. 7
7 Greene Avenue
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

No. 7 is a true neighborhood restaurant.  With a small dining area housed in what probably got its start as a stable with high ceilings and a loft space, friendly wait staff, and a surprisingly tiny open kitchen, you’d never guess that No. 7 turns out some truly unique dishes that pack a punch.

The small brunch menu at No. 7 makes your decision easier when everything on the menu sounds so good.  The bologna sandwich ($10) was my choice, served with a fried egg, pickled onion, and feta cheese.  While I wouldn’t normally order a bologna sandwich for brunch (or any other meal), the combination of flavors seemed too wonderful and strange to pass up.

Bologna Sandwich at No. 7

Bologna Sandwich at No. 7

The sandwich came out on a multi seeded hamburger bun and was surprisingly hearty looking, with the bologna about an inch thick and grilled to perfection adding a smoky taste to the sandwich.  The combination of the runny egg, the smoky bologna and salty, tangy taste of the onion and cheese worked surprisingly well together and kept my palate stimulated, never growing bored of the symphony in my mouth.  I found myself mopping up the yolk that had fallen to the plate with my last bites of sandwich, and not really caring what I looked like doing it.

Crispy homefries at No. 7

Crispy homefries at No. 7

As much as I loved my dish, the friends that I was with felt the same about theirs.  In particular the soft boiled fried egg that came with the Bowl of Rice ($8), a crispy on the outside egg, with a wonderfully runny egg center.

The entire menu picks up hints of Asian inspired elements that add an unexpected dimension to the food without being considered “Asian” itself; lychee, muchim, and white rice dotting the menu.

Try No.7 for brunch or dinner and be adventurous, you won’t be let down!


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