Spunto’s thin crust doesn’t fill pizza craving


65 Carmine St.
West Village
212-242-1200/ spuntothincrust.com

On Saturday night, I was a rebel. It was time to escape the norm and do something wild and crazy.

I ordered a pizza without red sauce.

Sweet and Sour Pork Pizza at Spunto

Sweet and Sour Pork Pizza at Spunto

In an effort to expand my horizons, I opted for a pizza with sweet and sour pork, pesto, and green and red peppers. Luckily, my friend ordered the Classica (marinara sauce, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil), so I did have a taste of a more standard pie.

The idea to eat at Spunto came after spending an hour sitting across from Joe’s on Carmine Street. The amazing whiff of the pizza baking danced through the air, causing a serious pizza craving.

The pork pie was not what I expected; the pork itself was neither sweet nor sour; it was dry and had barely any flavor at all. The pork should’ve been the highlight, but actually just further contributed to an ill-flavored pizza. A thin crispy crust can be enjoyable sometimes, but that component just made the pizza even more parched. Also, it was seasoned with way too much rosemary, which hit first with every bite. The rosemary shouldn’t have served as the main flavor.

Normally when I hit a pizza place for the first time, I have to try a plain slice. In my attempt to be edgy, I was highly disappointed. Even though I was hungry, I could barely get through the individual-sized pie. Also, I never feel full enough from pizza that thin.

Mixed Greens with garlic vinaigrette at Spunto

Mixed Greens with garlic vinaigrette at Spunto

I did have a tasty salad though: mixed greens with garlic vinaigrette. The dressing was really well-balanced and perfect with the fresh greens. I would certainly return to Spunto for one of their other salad options.

Next time I want pizza, though, I’ll follow the good smells and go to Joe’s.


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