Oohs and Oz – Review of Bondi Road


Bondi Road
153 Rivington Street
Lower East Side

Burger with the Lot at Bondi Road

Burger with the Lot at Bondi Road

Looking for your Aussie fix?  Head to Bondi Road and enjoy the sights and sounds of Bondi Beach without ever having to leave Manhattan! Bondi Beach is a divey, beach themed spot teeming with the young and beautiful (if not slightly hipster) local crowd of New York.  Upon entering Bondi Road, you are greeted by the authentic Aussie staff and escorted to your tiny table.

I happened to be dining at Bondi Road for Saturday brunch, where $18 buys you your entree and endless cocktails. It was already late in the day when my friends and I arrived, so I opted for the Hamburger with the Lot.  Having no idea that “The Lot” was an Australian specialty, I was both surprised and giddy when my burger came out piled nearly eight inches high with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, a fried egg, pickled beets, pineapple, and bacon.

As I ate my way through the burger, I can’t say that all of the flavor combinations were spot on (pickled beets and pineapple, anyone?), and there was so much going on that the burger simply tasted like just another topping, but I certainly felt transported to Bondi Beach, although it certainly could have been the screwdrivers that our waiter kept feeding us. As a last treat, our waiter brought us a flavored shot called “The Brooke Shields”.  It was a blue concoction, possibly Hypnotiq based, and it was the perfect way to finish the meal adding to the carefree beach-y feel. For lunch and dinner Bondi Road specializes in a $10 “catch of the day”, a market fresh fish selection such as barramundi or their Tasmanian sea bass ordered your way either breaded, grilled, or fried.


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