Refreshingly simple – Review of Smorgas Chef on Wall Street


Smorgas Chef
53 Stone Street
Financial District

Salmon Omelette at Smorgas Chef on Wall Street

Salmon Omelette at Smorgas Chef on Wall Street

Every time my boyfriend or I have guests in town, we like to show them the less touristy destinations in New York because those spots are why we love New York City and often times they are very affordable to boot!

On my boyfriend’s mothers most recent trip to visit us we decided to take her for brunch on Stone Street in the Financial District.  Stone Street is still a narrow cobblestoned street that is only open to foot traffic.  It has a line of bars and restaurants which mostly cater to the after-work Wall Street crowd where at 5pm on any given day of the work week you will see an overwhelming crowd of suits and the girls who wish to scoop one up.

However, brunch on the weekend was an excellent idea.  Only a few tables were occupied, transforming the normally very crowed street, into a quiet haven apart from the skyscrapers that were only a glance upward away.

Our usual Stone Street destination, Ulysses, was closed due to an event later in the day, so we stopped next door at Smorgas.  With two other locations in the city (West Village and Park Avenue) I was pretty sure that even though this was not our old standby, it would be edible.

We sat down and were greeted by a very Russian waitress. Who took our drink orders.  My boyfriend and his mother took advantage of the $16.95 brunch special including a brunch cocktail, a coffee or tea, and a selection from the main courses available with a (surprisingly delicious, lightly dressed) mixed green salad or a (rather heavy and greasy) side of potatoes au gratin.

Salmon Omelette at Smorgas Chef on Wall Street

Salmon Omelette at Smorgas Chef on Wall Street

I ordered the Salmon Omelette ($12) with smoked salmon, goat cheese, and bell pepper.  It was a hearty omelette, moist and bursting with flavor.  I usually shy away from beaten egg dishes when I am out for brunch due to one too many run-ins with dry, flavorless, and over cooked eggs, but I decided to spring for the omelette, as I was especially in the mood for some salmon.  The omelette was a refeshing change of pace from the norm with the salty smoked salmon chunks laced throughout and the tang of the goat cheese leveling out the saltiness of the salmon. This omelette was a delight with its fresh, brightly colored ingredients making it not only appetizing to look at but also a joy to consume.

The big question is, ‘will I come back?’  The answer is, probably not.  While the food was quite delicious and certainly fresh, I feel like there are so many other great brunch spots in The City to try and this one just wasn’t special enough.  I would recommend this restaurant for first timers though, especially if you have guests in town.


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