Tex-Mex to tip your hat to: Review of Cowgirl Hall of Fame


Cowgirl Hall of Fame
519 Hudson Street
West Village

It had been a while since I’d been to Cowgirl, the first time being in 2005 when I first moved to the city. Walking in, it was just as I remembered. The bar to the left, always playing a great selection of classic rock hits, and a pint-sized General Store filled with candies, Native American themed accessories and Cowgirl apparel to the right along with the dining room, filled with all the Mid-Western, Tex-Mex kitsch you could ever want to the right.

Black Bean Burrito at Cowgirl

Black Bean Burrito at Cowgirl

Sitting down with a group of my coworkers, we were greeted by our friendly waitress who was so personable, I could have sworn I had known her my entire life. We started off with a round of Cowgirl’s scrumptious margaritas ($8-$9 each), all engineered to our own specifications, salt and no salt, frozen and on the rocks, along with any one of the flavors they offered including blood orange, mango, and melon.

We also started off with a heaping plate of sweet potato fries ($7.95). The frozen margarita I had was a wonderful blend of Tequila and lime, neither too tart, nor too sweet, and even though I could have done without the brain freeze after the initial taste, it was all but unavoidable. The sweet potato fries were mushy, but enjoyable with the sweetness of sweet potato and the slight bitterness of the fried oil. How crispy do you really want a sweet potato fry anyway?

Due to the time of night, I played it safe in order to save my stomach and went with the black bean and cheese quesadilla ($9.75). While playing it safe usually isn’t the best idea, I walked away happy and confident that I made the right choice. Complete with sides of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole, the quesadilla as a whole was complete and executed perfectly. A nicely toasted tortilla with the perfect cheese to bean ratio rounded out the simple dish.

I once again walked out of Cowgirl satisfied. Whether for dinner or brunch, Cowgirl is a great neighborhood restaurant where the staff knows their customers by name and families can go to relax in a great child-friendly environment.

Although I did not have the pleasure of enjoying it this time around, the Frito pie is a Midwestern favorite and a favorite of mine at Cowgirl with Frito chips topped with chili, cheese, sour cream and onions. It may be an artery-clogging treat, but it is well worth it. Another Midwestern treat that Cowgirl features is the black-eyed pea salsa. The first bowl with chips is on them!


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