A dose of dosa – Review of Hampton Chutney Co.

A dose of a dosa: A Review of Hampton Chutney Co.


Hampton Chutney Co.
68 Prince St.


In a city of infinite food options, there are some places you walk by often and always think you’ll make time to explore someday soon.

I finally planned an earlier trek to work so I could stop by Hampton Chutney Co., 68 Prince St. There’s also an uptown location on Amsterdam Ave. between 82nd and 83rd Street.

Dosa - Photo by Beth Kaisermann

Dosa - Photo by Beth Kaisermann

Perfect for a quick lunch stop, Hampton Chutney Co. serves up tasty dosas and uttapas with fresh chutneys, and it’s not a bad stop for a cookie, either. The restaurant began in Amagansett in the Hamptons, opened in SoHo in 2001, and established the uptown location in 2006. The service at the SoHo spot was very quick and informal, with stools and small tables for dining in.

Dosa with avocado, arugula, tomatoe and cheese. Photo by Beth Kaisermann

Dosa with avocado, arugula, tomatoe and cheese. Photo by Beth Kaisermann

I chose a dosa with avocado, fresh tomato, arugula and cheese. The dough of the crispy shell had a taste of peanut in the background that combined well with the mango chutney. You can choose from a list of chutneys to accompany your meal. (I usually choose anything with mango when it’s an option, but the others sounded tempting as well.) The nutty taste with the mango was similar to the peanut butter and jelly taste– that great nutty and sweet combo that we all know so well.

Though I had a refreshing zing in my mouth from the meal (mostly from the spicy chutney), I wasn’t quite full. Maybe if I had opted to add chicken to the dosa it would’ve been a heartier meal. Instead, I ended the meal with the other white meat – a.k.a. a sweet white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. It was an exotic choice for me because I usually choose oatmeal raisin over anything else when it comes to cookies. This time I opted to continue my tropical theme after the mango chutney, and the cookie was the perfect morsel to round out my hunger.

The meal definitely isn’t hearty enough for dinner, unless you’re a really light eater. Another plus, though, is a kids’ menu, which I have yet to see anywhere else in my New York outings.


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