As I mentioned in my Saturday posting, my attempt to sample Damon: Frugal Friday’s was a bust.

Not because Damon Wise was not able to deliver, but because the the demand for his cooking at a fraction of the cost, coupled with the buzz factor were simply too high. I’ll give it a shot again soon and let you know. In the meantime, I promised to blog about where I went instead, so here goes.

My dinner date and headed east for a deliciously frugal meal at Posto. We shared a delicious tri-color salad with poached pears and toasted walnuts dressed with a gorgonzola vinaigrette. The endive and radicchio snapped with freshness and the arugula was good too. The mildly syrupy pears offered a sweet counterpoint to the greens and the walnuts added some dry texture.

Click on the pizza below for my full review of Posto in my New York Pizzeria Examiner column.

Pizza Classica

Pizza Classica

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